HUTSUN is a group formed in Pamplona in 2011 by the union of three experienced txalapartaris on a same project: Anai Gambra Uriz, Mikel Hernandez Urrutia and Simon Ahechu Agarraberes.

     Our spectacle -Txalaparta Hutsa- is a musical promenade with just one instrument on stage, the Txalaparta.

After more than 75 performances, those who have enjoyed them support our project. It is a rich and entertaining spectacle and it offers the public a way to learn while they enjoy music.

     During these years, we participated in many other projects, as many collaborations in very diverse genres: jazz, hip-hop or lyrical singing.

     It’s our duty as Txalaparta guardians to go into detail about teaching and outreach of the instrument and we promotes the “1 st World Txalaparta Contest” in 2013.



    He plays txalaparta since 2000. As a member of the group JOTTAKUN, he played concerts in all Navarre, for ten years. In addition to that, he acted with ALKORA dance and percussion ensemble during 2003 and 2005.

    Since 2011, he has made more than 160 concerts with HUTSUN and many other projects.

     Apart from Txalaparta, Mikel has been trained with basic skills on other percussion

instruments, as congas, batucada or African djembe.

     Some of his most important performances: 2nd finalist at the “Young Artists Gathering” by the Government of Navarre, and many international performances, Ireland 2003 and 2004, Palestine 2008, Sofia (Bulgaria) 2006 and London 2012.


      He started playing txalaparta in Pamplona in 2003. He made many concerts with  JOTTAKUN and in 2004 he joined on the Irish Tour.

    Soon, he moved to Lleida and he founded the group TXALA2. With this group, he played many concerts in Catalonia and he created an school for Txalaparta.

     Since 2011, he has made more than 160 concerts with HUTSUN and many other 

    Apart from txalaparta, he also plays traverse flute and Alboka. He has also experimented dancing. During 1995-2003 he was a dancer of the groups Amaiur and



    He started playing txalaparta in 2002 y since then he has taken part in many local projects. He was member of JOTTAKUN and he performed in some international tours, as Ttakun DF (Mexico DF) and London TX (London).

    Together with txalaparta, he loves singing. He is a Tenor of Choir of Pamplona and he ha performed in many prestigious auditoriums: Auditorio Nacional de Madrid, Palau de la música de Barcelona and Valencia, Palacio euskalduna de Bilbao. And in Europe:

Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall - London- o Théatre des Champs-Élysées – Paris.

     Some of his most important performances: Festival de Coyoacán - Mexico DF- 2003. Palestine 2008, Libanon 2010 o Fringe Festival - Edinburgh -2011-        


      He started as a txalapartari in the 90’s and in 1998 he founded the group UTT to
organize performances and Txalaparta workshops.

   From 1998 to 200 he formed an artistic couple with Fernando Auzmendi (GERLA BETI), and they introduced txalaparta discos merging it with House music.

    From 2000 to 2004 he was member of ZURGUNE, and he made many national and international tours. From 2006 to 2009 performed with ALKORA dance and percussion ensemble. 

   Nowadays, since 2011 he has made more than 160 concerts with HUTSUN 
and many other projects. He is part of KOINTURA and KAÑACHAMA. Some of his most important performances: At the Fine Arts Circle of Madrid in 2009, the “Nits de Música” series at the Joan Miro foundation, at the Pirineo Sur festival and the spectacle directed by Patxi Araujo at the Contemporary Center of Huarte.